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Datadirect 32 bit sequelink 5.4

I'm having trouble doing a data connection using Filemaker 8 database backend, I'm using a datadirect bit Sequelink My database currently is setting on my client server - I'm receiving a SequelLink error; Did Help - does any one the solution. My Product Information: LiveCycle Designer, Windows. Top. 13 Sep FileMaker 8 distributed an ODBC driver available from FileMaker that is based on DataDirect SequeLink version The fmodbcdll driver was not developed using DataDirect technology, however DataDirect SequeLink can extend support for bit ODBC applications on Windows using the. SequeLink Progress DataDirect SequeLink is a data connectivity solution that extends your application's access to data sources with limited platform or API bit ODBC clients on Solaris and AIX; Improved internationalization, including support for Unicode ODBC functions, allowing Unicode connectivity between.

Clarification of DataDirect BIT SequeLink driver support for Current of Cursor. The FileMaker Pro 7 and FileMaker Developer 7 Documentation Errata ( page 7) states that the DataDirect BIT SequeLink driver does not support Current of Cursor. However. 26 Jul Thank you for your information. I have downloaded SequeLink server already . But it does not include ODBC driver "DataDirect BIT SequeLink ". I also went to to download ODBC driver I still can't get ODBC driver "DataDirect BIT SequeLink ". I appreciate. SQL Server * SequeLink Server for SQL Server and requires MDAC Service Pack 1 (bit platforms). .. X To SequeLink * This SequeLink release does not provide a method to upgrade your existing SequeLink Server or configuration to a SequeLink configuration.

A list of installed drivers appears. Select DataDirect BIT SequeLink ; then, click Finish." I became confused about the whole thing because the "DataDirect BIT SequeLink " did not appear in the list of available drivers. Also I was expecting some reference to ODBC to be in the file name like the. When you click the OK button, a new dialog box named Create New Data Source will appear, as shown in Figure 5. Type a descriptive name for the new data source, such as FileMaker to Excel and, from the driver drop-down list, select DataDirect BIT SequeLink Figure The Create New Data Source. 19 Jul This ODBC DSN should be created as a System DSN, so click on the System DSN tab, then click the Add button. Select the FileMaker Pro driver, then click the Finish button. Note: If FileMaker 7 is being used as the source database then the DataDirect BIT SequeLink driver should be selected.


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