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How to disable in sharepoint 2010

Disable-SPFeature. Module: sharepoint-server. Applies to: SharePoint Server , SharePoint Server , SharePoint Server Disables an installed SharePoint Feature at a given scope. Hi,. I am new to SP Recently, I installed SharePoint on Windows 7 ( 4GB RAM), which is taking up most of my system RAM and I am unable to run any New Virtual PC within my Host. I would like to start/stop SharePoint manually on this PC. What are the steps (in proper sequence) involved. 10 Jun Turn Off Mobile Browsing in SharePoint With the responsive design adoption for SharePoint websites now in full swing a question pops up very often amongst SharePoint designers: “How do I turn off mobile browsing redirection available by default in SharePoint ?” The answer is, very simple.

Using Set-SPOSite, you can lock down the Office site collection with the LockState parameter. Set-SPOSite -Identity - LockState NoAccess. Optionally, Set-SPOTenant can be used to redirect users from the locked site to another location. Set-SPOTenant. 21 Mar Try not intiating the workflow when the item is created or modified from the designer. In the designer go to the list chosse workflows, then uncheck when to start the workflow when new item is created and and also uncheck when you edit/ update the listitem. 28 Feb There are a few options for disabling the SharePoint Mobile Redirection System. Disabling the system means that browsers will not be redirected to a mobile version of the site created by SharePoint by default. This is not about how to customize the mobile view that only mobile devices would see.

Is there a way to disable a Sharepoint website. We have two running on the same server and don't want to delete the site but we do want to turn it off so no one can access it. Is there also a way to just backup one site as opposed to the entire server? Reply 3. Subscribe. To disable versioning in a SharePoint or list or library. Do the same steps for enabling, but click No versioning on the Version Settings page. You can also check No for Require content approval. Learn how to enable or disable the many site collection features in SharePoint Online.


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