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19 Aug It won't be everything ISPF/PDF is (it is called Lite) but it will surprise you with its flexibility, customization features, and additional commands and editing concepts to enhance your ability to 'get the job done'. SPFLite has been continually developed and enhanced far beyond its humble beginnings. Whether. Downloading SPFLite. Note for XP users : The latest versions of SPFLite (V and up) will probably not work on Windows XP. There is a problem related to the. Q: Are all ISPF 'Bells & Whistles' incorporated? A: Well, maybe not all, but everything you'd ever normally want should be there. In addition, SPFLite has added.

The following Primary commands are supported by SPFLite: ACTION Request automatic SAVE / VSAVE after every 'n' file alterations. ADD Add a string operand. User lines were introduced along with supporting commands. STATE . The most important manual for ISPF is the ISPF Edit and Edit Macros Manual. A recent. Basic Editing Features: All standard ISPF editor commands and functions; Tabbed interface to support multiple open files at the same time; Built-in File Manager.

Creating a Portable Version. Contents of Article. Introduction · Retaining Customization · Using STATE Information on Removable Media. Introduction. SPFLite. Editors used in the PC environment typically operate in a significantly different manner than those in operation on large Mainframe systems. PC editors are almost universally character stream oriented while mainframe editors are typically text line oriented. Users who need to work on both PCs and mainframes thus need to. 22 Aug SPFLite is a less complicated alternative to IBM's ISPF (Interactive System Productivity Facility), which is designed for the operating system that runs on the IBM mainframes. Initial configuration options. The application integrates all the standard editor commands and functions in the original program but it.


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