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"Skin of Evil" is the 23rd episode of the first season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, and originally aired on April 25, , in broadcast syndication. The story premise was written by Joseph Stefano, and the screenplay was re-written by Hannah Louise Shearer. The episode. (Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Continuing Mission, p. 61) She has also said that, had there been more scenes like the one at the beginning of the episode between her and Worf, she may have considered staying on the show. ( Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion) However, Crosby added, "Perhaps Tasha. Action · The shuttle bringing Troi back to the Enterprise from an individual mission crashes on a near-unknown planet. It was presumed uninhabited, but shows atypical, life-like activity. Riker See full summary».

Apr 24, Few episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation are as controversial or as likely to stoke debate as "Skin of Evil," which premiered on April 25, Denise Crosby, not happy with the development of Tasha Yar and eager to pursue other opportunites, asked out of her contract, and Gene Roddenberry. Mar 15, Skin of Evil. The Enterprise is proceeding towards a rendezvous with Shuttlecraft 13 (both ships travelling on impulse power. Er, you might want to read a book while you wait) when it receives a distress call. Troi and the pilot are in trouble, and the pair crash-land on the nearby planet of Vagra II. Jul 25, “Skin of Evil” Written by Joseph Stefano and Hannah Louise Shearer Directed by Joseph L. Scanlan Season 1, Episode Production episode Original air date: April 25, Stardate: Captain's Log: Shuttlecraft 13 is on its way back with Troi from a conference when it starts to lose.

Opinionated Next Gen Episode Guide watches Tasha Yar ride off into the sunset during the first act. The perfect episode for anyone who wondered what it would be like if the Blob could talk and acted like a jerk. Star Trek (TNG): Skin of Evil. Follow-up. Discuss this video on the forum. Looking for more? These Are The.


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