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Guide to social security law

Using the Guide to Social Security Law. Welcome to the Guide to Social Security Law. The Guide has been designed as a web publication (HTML). It is not available in a single electronic file or in paper format. Assets. Summary. This chapter contains information on the various types of assets (A) that affect a person's payments. It includes information on exempt assets, the concept of asset value and hardship provisions relating to assets. In this chapter. This chapter contains the following sections: Number not. 3 Qualification & Payability. Introduction. This part describes the qualification criteria for the different payments and benefits provided for in the social security law. In this part. This part contains the following chapters: General Provisions · Newstart & Youth Allowance · Other Labour Market & Older Students ·

4 Income & Assets. Introduction. Australia has an income support system that is designed to be a safety net for people unable to support themselves without calling on the resources of the community. The income and assets tests are used to target the system so that it remains sustainable and affordable for Australian. CrP provides immediate financial assistance to a person who is eligible for a social security pension or benefit, who is in severe financial hardship and who: is forced to Act reference: SSAct section 19D Severe financial hardship-crisis payment definition, Part A Crisis payment, section 7(2) An Australian resident is. Ordinary Income. Introduction. This chapter contains information on the types of ordinary income that affect a recipient's payments. Information on income that is exempt from assessment is also included. Ordinary income means gross income, without any reduction, other than a deduction from business income under.

5 Payment Rates. Introduction. This part contains current and historical rates of payment, examples of payment calculations, information on taxation issues, and information on advance payments, including advance payment of PhA, EEP and MOB. CP is income and assets tested and paid at the same rate as other social security pensions. Act reference: SSAct section A Overview-circumstances in which person is qualified for CP. Policy reference: SS Guide Qualification for CP, Qualification for CA (child) - Automatic Qualification for CA (child). Assessing the Principal Home. Summary. This section contains information on the asset assessment of a person's principal home, including defining the principal home and when it is NOT assessed. Act reference: SSAct section 11A(1 ) Principal home.


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