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Anas platyrhynchos mp3

Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos), , Jerome Fischer, , , Switzerland, Golaten, Laupen, Bern, , flight call. pair taking off. bird-seen:yes. playback-used:no. [sono] · discuss icon. A; B; C; D; E. XC play; pause. Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos platyrhynchos), , Frank Lambert, , Northern Pintail (Anas acuta), , Frank Lambert, , , United States, Gaswell Road, Barrow, North Slope Borough, Alaska, 0, flight call. bird- seen:yes. playback-used:no. [sono] · discuss icon. A; B; C; D; E. XC play; pause. Northern Pintail (Anas acuta), , Paul Marvin, , , United. play; pause; stop. Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos platyrhynchos) · call. Frank Lambert · San Joquin Wildlife Sanctuary, Irvine, Orange County, California, United States. bird-seen:yes. playback-used:no. A; B; C; D; E.

8 Oct XC · Mallard · Anas platyrhynchos. XC play; pause; stop. 1: Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) · call, female. Thomas Lüthi Length, (s). Sampling rate, (Hz). Bitrate of mp3, (bps). Channels, 2 (stereo). 1. Colored Waveform Display. Download and Play This Sound · ./Anas platyrhynchos 3. mallard duck. 70k, stereo, bit, Hz, seconds (show page | e-mail this sound). Click here to order this Sound Effects or Production Music Track. Click here for more information on this Production Music or Sound Effects partner. Sound Effects and Production Music Preview, MALLARD - ANAS PLATYRHYNCHOS - NA+EUR+AS/D/AY/LAK+REE - BIRD · Click here to view more information about this.

Abundant over most of the northern hemisphere, the Mallard is the most familiar wild duck to many people, and the ancestor of most strains of domesticated ducks . In many places this species has managed to domesticate itself, relying on handouts in city parks. Although barnyard and feral ducks may be dumpy and ungainly. Species, Date, Place, Recordist. Date added. Mute Swan Cygnus olor - wingbeat sound (25), 3-Apr, Rødbyhavn, Denmark, s. Tundra Swan Cygnus columbianus bewickii - local birds on the water (31), 5-Apr, Berzciems, ". Tundra Swan Cygnus columbianus bewickii - display "song" (16), 5-Apr, ", " . Anas platyrhynchos MP3 Download. Download Anas platyrhynchos MP3 with YouTube in Mp3 Files for Download.


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