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Regtlib.exe windows 7 download

Regtlib.exe windows 7

I have a new PC running Windows 7 and Visual Studio , and need to register a legacy typelib .tlb) to interface with an existing legacy application. However, does not seem to be part of Windows 7 (I don't think it was part of Vista either), and regtlibvexe, available as part of Visual Studio. 24 Dec Apparently, regtlibvexe is part of Visual Studio (contrary to what I read on various Microsoft forums), but it is located in the Windows\\ Framework\v folder (not the From a Developer Command Prompt for VS, you can use the command. To find the Developer. There is no or regtlibexe under the C:\Windows\\ Framework\v folder on my computer. I am running Windows 7 if that matters. There is a regtlibexe under \Framework\v\ but I don't know if I should use that once since I am not working at all right.

I tried with regtlib but failed. regtlibvexe told me successfull but server still not work thanks in advance. Wednesday, March 09, PM. Reply regtlibvexe is part of Visual Studio can be located in the Windows\ \Framework\v folder (not the v folder). 6 Apr Re: Windows 7 bit -- Library Not Registered problem. Hello first time thanks to Auto users, how can you come up with something. For me it worked perfectly works only until means to me regtlibvexe. Thank you. Share on Google+. 21 Jun Hi I need to register file ibn window 7, i have tried a few variations on regtlib C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\System\ado\msado60_Backcompat_ia tlb but it just flashes on the screen.

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