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Bwoy, dem gal yah want di ol' Dagga Gyal, brace your hand pon di wall. Anyweh di gal dem see me dem waan buddy. No get no numba. Wen u call me. Wen u horny. And waa cocky fi u punanny. Call me. From u 2 pussy jaw tight all night. Mek u ride on di tall pipe like a R bike. I can see me nuh hav forsight. I can see me nuh hav far sight. Pom pom fat. Body fit fi fuck. U 2 breast dem stiff stiff up. Hop on pon me cocky like a biscuit . Add "Busy Signal - Up In her Belly" to My MusicAdd "Busy Signal || Up In her Belly"to My Music. More from this artist. Busy Signal. Add "Busy Signal" to My MusicAdd "Busy Signal"to My Music. Languages: Cymraeg · Gaeilge · Gàidhlig. Tell us what you think · FAQ. Explore the BBC. Home · News · Sport · Weather · iPlayer.

Lyrics to "Up In Here Belly (Dagga)" song by Busy Signal: Bwaaiii Dem gal yah want di ol dagga, She want it, (Busy!) Hot head, hot head Stop stop, Brace. She'd never bothered to imagine what her mom was like pre herself. She'djust assumed herparents hadsprungup fully developed sometime around thetime of Harper's birth. The ideathat her mom was somehow less than thatshe'dgiven up her dreams for her and Amy it made Harper feelsick to her stomach. And typically, once a baby can roll onto his stomach, he'll roll mid-nap, or in the middle of the night, and end up sleeping on his stomach. This is what we're discussing today. If your baby just won't sleep on her back, can you put her to bed on her stomach? And what should you do when your baby is able to roll from her back.

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