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19 Aug Youtube Help Download Youtube Working in Preview Youtube Working in Download Youtube Preview Youtube Download Youtube Preview Youtube Precision. ani. Download Youtube Preview Youtube 26 Feb So the problem seems to lie in Firefox only cause i had Vivaldi earlier and that wasn't an issue there. If i either double click the video or press the fullscreen button, it goes into fullscreen but the mouse is still there until i move it slightly, then it will fade away This is kind of a small issue but it's bugging me to. 11 Sep Every time I visit YouTube (or any video-related site like Udemy) and watch a video, my mouse cursor disappears. It only becomes visible after a click. Is this a MacBook Pro 15" issue? Has anyone experienced similar issues like these: Mouse cursor (pointer) disappears; invisible / missing; fix? Are there.

When watching youtube, or on twitch, the cursor doesn't automatically hide in full screen (minor bug). and also in youtube, if i have to refresh the page while watching a video, vivaldi doesn't remember the position of the video i was watching, and restar. 26 Oct On Firefox, you can solve it by resizing the video and then putting in back on fullscreen again, but you gotta do it everytime you open a video. Also, for videos uploaded on Google Drive the bug also happen, but there even resizing and putting it on full video again doesn't work. Very annoying. I am using the latest version of Google viewing a video in full screen, the cursor does not automatically hide after a few stop.


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