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Jesus was a buddhist monk

3 Jul The life story of Jesus, one of the most famous of people ever said to have lived does have many gaping holes in it as between the ages of 13 and 29 there is no Biblical record of the whereabouts of Jesus in Palestine. However, according to a documentary (watch at the end of the article) by the BBC Jesus. 16 Jan This documentary highlights a Jewish religious leader and preacher known as Jesus Christ—but it also suggests he was a Buddhist Monk. What's more, it is argued that Jesus wasn't actually crucified; instead, it is said that he travelled far and wide for many, many years. According to the documentary, Jesus. 18 Oct He chronicled his experiences and discoveries in his book The Unknown Life of Christ. At one point during his voyage, Notovitch broke his leg in and recuperated at the Tibetan Buddhist Monastery of Hemis in the city of Leh, at the very top of India. It was here where monks showed Notovitch two.

According to the scrolls, Jesus abandoned Jerusalem at the age of 13 and set out towards Sind, “intending to improve and perfect himself in the divine understanding and to studying the laws of the great Buddha”. He crossed Punjab and reached Puri Jagannath where he studied the Vedas under Brahmin priests. He spent. 4 Jul A thought-provoking documentary suggests Jesus Christ— a Jewish preacher and religious leader who became the central figure of Christianity—was a Buddhist Monk. The documentary indicates that Jesus was not crucified and that he spent decades traveling and was ultimately laid to rest after His death. 10 Nov Christians are the followers of Christ. Buddhists are followers of Buddha. Janis are followers of Mahaveer Jain. Hindus are the followers of various forms of God. Muslims were the followers of all the prophets up to Mohammad. Thus, the word ' Muslims' is general just like the word Hindus. You cannot say that only the.

If Jesus were a buddhist monk, he would have been a pretty poor one, since his teachings as recorded in the New Testament documents show very little that could genuinely be paralleled with Buddhism, and nothing that indicates Buddhist type metaphysics or ethical teaching, let alone meditation. 29 Oct What if Jesus was a Buddhist monk? The most famous person in human history was Jesus. His life, teachings, crucifixion and resurrection form the very basis of Christianity, yet scholars and historians have consistently called into doubt much of that basis. A BBC documentary called Did Jesus Die?. Were they Buddhist monks who went to witness the reincarnation of the Buddha? Did they take him to India as a child during his 'lost years?' Was Jesus's supposed death on the cross possible after three to nine hours when it would usually take at least a day for a person to die on the cross? Could he have been drugged.


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