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Trinidad steel pan music

Steelpans is a musical instrument originating from Trinidad and Tobago. Steel pan musicians are called pannists. The modern pan is a chromatically pitched percussion instrument made from 55 gallon industrial drums that formerly contained chemicals. Drum refers to the steel drum. Mar 28, The national instrument of Trinidad & Tobago is the steelpan, or steel drum. Crafted from oil drums — although many of these drums never contained oil — these instruments are not actually drums in the membranophone sense, but are steel containers which are struck with a rubber-tipped stick to create. The Steel Drum, or Pan, is a very unique instrument and one of the most recently invented. It is a skillfully hammered gallon oil drum which is carefully tuned to produce exact tones. Each Pan or Set of Pans carries the full chromatic range of notes and can produce just about any type of music that comes to mind.

Aug 15, As is the music. Somehow, in the tightly packed quarters, people are dancing to the fierce rhythms of the Desperadoes Steel Orchestra. This band, affectionately known as Despers, connects right back to pan's mean-street origins in the years around World War II, when no respectable Trinidadian parents. Steel pans (also known as steel drums or pans, and sometimes, collectively with other musicians, as a steel band or orchestra) is Trinidad & Tobago's national musical instrument. Steel pan musicians are called pannists. Pans are part of a family of musical instruments hand-crafted from 55 gallon oil drums to produce a . Steel pans (steel drums)were created on the Caribbean island of Trinidad in the s, but steel pan history can be traced back to the enslaved Africans who were brought to the islands during the s. They carried with them elements of their African culture including the playing of hand drums. These drums became the.

A Short History of Steel Pan. The steel drum or steel pan, as it is more commonly known, originated in Trinidad. There is some debate as to who invented it and when. However, we do know that it is the only acoustic musical instrument to be invented in the 20th century. And it's made a significant impact on the music world in.


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