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26 Jan The use of this kind of licensing also allows us to be more flexible on quantities and support Frankly, I still have to see a comparable solution that allows you to license your mailboxes on a Pay-per-Use basis or that doesn't require you to pay additional fees/have an ongoing license to open a support ticket. 20 Dec “Perpetual” licenses are a special class of licenses that doesn't have an expiration date nor is bound to a specific Zimbra version – it's always valid and it always works. Customers who purchased a Perpetual license, however, are required to pay a “Maintenance Service” fee to be entitled to software. I have a ZeXtras Suite license but I need to add more mailboxes, can I simply buy a new license and upload it to my server? My license is expired, what should I do to keep using ZeXtras Suite? I need to synchronize 2 different mobiles with the same mailbox, does this count as 2 in the mailbox count for my ZeXtras License?.

21 Aug Zextras suite for Zimbra EULA (END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT). 24 Sep No. ZeXtras Suite only allows 1 license file to be active at a time, so uploading a new license will overwrite the old one. Should you. 8 Jul Hi, I just bought the Zextras Bundle License. How do I install the license? I have tried to upload the file via the Adminconsole without.

2 Oct If no license is activated, ZeXtras Suite will run in Trial Mode. All the available modules will be activated for a day period, with. ZeXtras/zimbra-drive is licensed under the. GNU General Public License v The GNU GPL is the most widely used free software license and has a strong copyleft requirement. When distributing derived works, the source code of the work must be made available under the same license. There are multiple variants of the.


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