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Share your wifis safely, spot good wifis near you and connect easily. If you're lucky enough to have a 3G unlimited Internet plan, perhaps you might want to think about turning your phone into a WiFi access point with Joikuspot Premium. View full description. JoikuSpot. PROS. Very simple to configure; Supports WEP key protection; Facilitates VPN access. CONS. Useless if you don't have. Secure WiFi HotSpot ☆ Turn your phone into secure mobile WiFi HotSpot. ☆ Share phone internet with other devices over WiFi. ☆ Create multiple WiFi HotSpot profiles and wifi passwords for private, guest and open phone hotspot use. ☆ Create smart WiFi QR codes and WiFi Access Links for instant guest access to your.

24 Jul The design of JoikuSpot Light now follows the same architecture as JoikuSpot Premium, the full version of JoikuSpot. JoikuSpot Light is extremely stable and gives you access to HTTP/HTTPS protocols meaning that you can browse the web as through any commercial hotspot. Joiku Spot Premium FULL Symbian App, download to your mobile for free. Complete WiFi Access Point Security To make most of the Premium Edition, you can easily secure your WiFi network connection by setting the WEP security on under the JoikuSpot Settings. You can encrypt the traffic and set the password for your HotSpot access point. This way you will be in control of who gets to use your .

JoikuSpot Premium – Signed – S^3 – Anna – Belle – Nokia N8 – Full Version App Download. 0 Comments · Pin It! There are millions and millions of WiFi (WLAN) internet sessions made by “JoikuSpotting”. JoikuSpotting is the fastest, easiest, most reliable and cost effective way to establish WiFi Internet anywhere. JoikuSpot Premium turns your phone into a secured WiFi hotspot. Premium edition brings you internet security and full internet and intranet (VPN) protocol. Connect multiple WiFi devices (laptops, tablets) to internet by using your phone as a 3G WiFi hotspot. Join the 3 Million Users that are already JoikuSpotting!. 19 Sep There's also JoikuSpot Light, a free version, which you can use to check that it does what it claims to do. It's fully working for simple, open web access by multiple devices, but if you want encryption (of which more below) and other Internet access, such as email, FTP, IM, etc. then you need the full JoikuSpot.


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