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Simple carburetor ppt

15 Jan 3. Complete Carburetor Complete Carburetor A simple carburetor is capable to supply a correct air-fuel mixture to the engine only at a particular load and speed. In order to meet the engine demand at various operating conditions, the following additional systems are added to the simple carburetor. The air fuel ratio depends upon the various conditions. The engine /fuel, is obtained at the throat of primary venturi due to lower pressure comparing to main venturi. DEFECTS IN THE SIMPLE CARBURETTOR The simple carburettor, would work well if the engine is running at one particular speed and load. The nozzle and. Be able to describe the operation of a carburettor and its role within the fuelling system; Be able to recognize a “rich” and “lean” fuelling mixture; Identify how fuel and air mixture is mixed within the carburettor. Carburettor Systems. Carburettor. A simple carburettor consist basically of two components: Float chamber; Mixing .

Simple Carburetor. The fuel supply system consists of internal combustion engine. • Storage tank, Fuel filter, Fuel pump, Indicating device to indicate the Level of fuel in the tank,. Storage system: • The storage system is the place where the fuel is stored. An Indicating device is provided to indicate the level of the fuel. When the throttle valve opens, more air flows through the venturi tube and more quantity of fuel and air is delivered to the engine, therefore, engine develops more power. When the throttle valve closes, reverse is the action. Prof. Yogesh Sonawane(). Simple Carburettor. Nozzle lip (h). The pressure at the throat. A carburetor is basically a device for mixing air and fuel in the correct amounts for efficient combustion. The carburetor bolts to the engine intake manifold. The air cleaner fits over the top of the carburetor to trap dust and dirt. CARBURETOR. اجزاء الكاربريتر. Basic carburetor consists of the following parts. 1-Carburetor body.

Venturi is a streamlined restriction that partly closes the carburetor bore. Air is. forced to speed up as it enters the venturi speed increases during acceleration, more air is drawn into the carburetor. Venturi. Engine Technology. Induction System Single venturi – simple carburetor. Double (duo) venturi – has an additional. Identify the three basic types of carburetors. Explain the float-type carburetor operation. Explain the operation of the diaphragm-type carburetors. Define manual throttle controls. List the basic functions of a governor. Adjust and maintain common governors. Describe the purpose of an air cleaner. Principles of Carburetion. Given the instruction in class the student will correctly identify and describe the principles of operation of the three common types of small engine carburetors. Natural or side draft; Updraft; Downdraft Throttle Controls. A basic manual throttle control consists of either mechanical linkage or flexible cable. Throttle Controls.


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