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Chinese listening practice

14 Oct Are you listening enough? As I have argued elsewhere, improving listening ability is mostly a matter of practice; you need to listen a lot. In this article, I want to suggest some resources to make that easier. What should you listen to? If you' re new to studying Chinese or don't spend most of your time dealing. Listening in Chinese can be a real challenge. In this post, you'll learn how to improve your Chinese listening practice and understand more of what you hear. You don't listen to enough Chinese audio. Here's a new target: listen to hours of it.

16 Dec Has this ever happened to you? You proudly say something in Chinese to your friend. They reply, but you don't understand their answer. Awkward situation ensues. Well, don't feel bad. Being much better at speaking than listening is a common problem. I'll help you address it by suggesting several concrete. 听新闻学汉语 · 听新闻学汉语 · 听新闻学汉语 · 听 新闻学汉语 · 听新闻学汉语 Survival Chinese More. Listen Survival Chinese Lesson 36 What would you like to eat · Survival Chinese Lesson 35 Ling Ming's eyes are so big · Survival Chinese Lesson 34 Ling Ming has a big. Good listening materials for intermediate and advanced students. Date: None; Learning through listening 聼故事學成語 (By Wellesley College) Created by Prof. Ma Jing-Heng and her associates. Contains 15 Chinese fables with sound files and online exercises. Good for intermediate and advanced students. Date: .

A reader question on how to improve your Chinese listening in the early stages. I' ve recommended some articles on the topic - please share your tips too!. Learn Chinese helps you improve your Listening, Grammar and Speaking by listen collected Chinese Learning podcasts from popular sites. ♢ LEARN Chinese Podcasts You will learn Chinese through podcasts. Each lesson comes with audio and transcript, which help you to improve your Chinese Speaking and expand. 19 Dec Inject some melody into your Chinese listening practice with Transition. A UK- based rock and pop group who play originals and covers in Mandarin Chinese. The group were originally expats in Taiwan, yet eventually moved back to Bristol, UK, and they took their awesome Mandarin skills with them.


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