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Contribute to flexlibs development by creating an account on GitHub. The problem is that you are initializing the CLibInit twice. I've created a custom class to handle encode of jpg's transparently using , like you do with the native class. public class JPGAlchemyEncoder { private static var alchemyWrapper:Object; private var quality:Number; public function. ActionScript (AS3) library for processing binary data. This library contains MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2 ( & ), Base64, CRC32 algorithms, JSON encoder & decoder as well as PNG and JPEG encoders.

22 May Talking about AIR, yes, Alchemy SWC are a bit large, and yes this would suit better with AIR, but honestly I think that for everyday uses with “normal” images to compress, a simple .. Check out the-fast-asynchronous-alchemy-jpeg-encoder-in-flash/ [r]: / swfupload / branches / SWFUpload Resize / core / swfupload_fp10 / Maximize Restore History. is not known to be viewable in your browser. Try to display it anyway or download it instead. About Site Status @sfnet_ops · Create a Project Software Directory Top Downloaded. 14 Apr Step 4. Click on Actionscript settings. Go to the Library path section. Click on Browse to SWC file and locate the and include it. Click OK to save your library settings. Voilà! Now you are ready to use the Alchemy JPEG Encoder in your code!.

27 Sep The fast asynchronous JPEG encoder made by Mateusz Małczak has been updated. I made a tutorial on how to use the fast JPEG-encoder in Adobe Flash earlier. The new release has resolved memory leaks and the asynchronous encoding shall also be faster. I have not had time to try it out, but you can. 9 Oct JPEGEncoder. Sadly, this encoder is the slowest. There were attemps to make it faster by otpimizing code by , that resulted into two times faster org. Can I use this within a FP10 as3 player for the web, and if so how do I associate / import the classes of the SWC. I've added it. 21 Jun It stopped occuring when I put initialization code into the static method that is fired only once. Maybe it could help. Aayush Gupta • 4 years ago. i wanna know something! i'm making a fla file to take a photograph from camera n save it n i got to know to use JPGEncoder. for that i.


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