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This is an incomplete list of notable treasures that are currently lost or missing. Name, Existence, Year lost, Image, Description. Menorah from the Second Temple, Confirmed-, !, Carrying off the Menorah from the Temple in Jerusalem depicted on a frieze on the Arch. Menorah from the Temple in Jerusalem depicted. Lost Treasure Magazine is published monthly in print and digital format, allowing worldwide distribution and the ability to use computer search techniques to quickly find information inside each issue, a further aid to people wanting to find treasures on their own. An enthusiastic roster of writers regularly contribute articles. Jul 4, Video games and old movies give us the impression that the whole world is filled with treasure chests, tombs full of bling, and random pockets of riches here and there just waiting to be picked up, but that's ridiculous -- only some parts of the world are like that. That's right -- lost treasures do exist. And plenty.

Posted: Sep 14, ; By: admin; Comments: Comments Off on Top Ten Lost Treasures of the World. Jing John's Lost Treasure. £70,, Treasure: King John's Jewels and Gold Lost: Estimated Value: $70,, Contents: Crown jewels, gold goblets, silver plate, golden wand with a dove, the sword of Tristram. Tales of Lost Treasure in the United States plus general articles for treasure hunters. Nov 14, For more than years, dedicated treasure hunters have sought to unlock the mystery of Oak Island, located off the southern coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. Though it's unclear exactly what they're looking for (Pirate gold? Shakespeare's lost manuscripts? A sunken Viking ship?), some have paid the.

May 18, Lake Toplitz Treasure – Austria. Lake Toplitz once served as a Nazi Naval testing station, and due to an impending defeat also served as a last-ditch-effort-safe. Retreating Nazi troops were seen sinking their treasures into Lake Toplitz as they fled Allied forces near the end of WWII, however the contents of. May 21, If you've ever wanted to be a real-life Lara Croft or Indiana Jones, there are a few places you can start looking today. With so many legends of lost riches out there, it's easy to think that treasure could be found just about anywhere. Consult a treasure seeking forum for just a few moments and you'll realize. Jan 29, These days, thanks largely to Google Earth, it seems not an inch of this planet is left unexplored or a single treasure left undiscovered. But that's just not true. Some of the world's most incredible riches, from pirate treasures to royal jewels, are still out there somewhere, lost, waiting to be found. Some of them.


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