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Mth202 lecture

One-to-One function (Injective function), Graph of one-to-one function, ONTO function (Surjective function), Graph of onto function, Bijective function(one-to- one correspondence), Graph of bijective function, Identity function, Constant function. View Video · Discrete Mathematics - MTH Lecture Views. Rated 3. 13 Dec Discrete Mathematics MTH Download Complete Lectures Discrete Mathematics MTH_Lecturemp4 () Discrete Mathematics MTH_Lecturemp4. MTH Participants. General. Laws of Probability. File Grading Policy · File Lecture 1 · File Lecture 2 · File Assignment 1 · File Solutions to Assignment 1 · File Solutions to Quiz 1 · URL Another nice book · URL A Course Web site. Coins and Dice. Infinity in Laws of Probability. Mean, Median, Mode etc. First Mid- Semester.


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