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Slide to unlock for blackberry torch

Just got my and so far, the one thing I am lost with is: Is there somewhere in the settings that when I slide it closed, it locks the phone? And when I slide it open, the phone is unlocked? If not a RIM setting, is there an app?. 9 Jun video: align:center] There are a few options in App World for having a slide to unlock your homescreen option on your BlackBerry. To be honest, it is not something I have considered until I recently started using my BlackBerry Torch as my second device. Slide Lock is a. How to enter the unlock code in a BlackBerry Torch 1. Insert an unaccepted sim card 2. Phone will ask for MEP network unlock code 3. Enter the unlock code provided by 4. Your Blackbery Torch is unlocked Second instruction Watch video guide with instruction for entering code to BlackBerry.

Get Demo version of SliderLockâ„¢ for your device and prevent unwanted key press activity. SliderLockâ„¢ automatically locks your keyboard when the back-light goes off to prevent. This app helps you prevent unwanted key-presses, phone-calls and much more! This app automatically locks your keyboard and shows you a beautiful "Slide to unlock" screen - simply swipe your. The BlackBerry Torch smartphone is designed for AT&T and Sprint customers, but by unlocking the phone, you can use it with a different wireless carrier. Unlocking is Step-by-Step How to Unlock a BlackBerry Torch. by Melissa Power off the BlackBerry Torch, then flip it over and slide off the the battery cover. 2. Insert a.

Model: BlackBerry Torch 1. You must have an original SIM card in your phone to complete these steps (can be active or inactive with the network) 2. Go to Settings 3. Go to Options 4. Go to Advanced. prefers that you have a fully charged battery. Make sure the phone is not displaying a low battery warning. 2. Turn the BlackBerry handset on. 3. From the front screen, go to OPTIONS/ DEVICE/ADVANCED SETTINGS/ SIM CARD. 4. Slide the keyboard out on your Blackberry Torch. 5. On the.


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